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Around 60 remain of the world’s most threatened porpoise

Endangered species threatened by illegal fishing

5 January 2017Research

Oceans on the verge of new mass extinction

Call to ban fishing in a third of world’s seas

16 April 2015Awards

Tiny jewels provide vital clue to avoiding extinction

Female wasps live longer by mating with multiple males

31 March 2015Research

Tiny primate ‘punk’ in danger of extinction

Charismatic Colombian primate population suffers significant drop.

29 June 2010Research

Tackling alarming loss of species

The world's Governments may not be able to reach international targets for saving plant and animal species and their habitats because there are no reliable measurements of the rate at which they are disappearing, the Royal Society warned today (15th October 2002).

14 October 2002Public interest stories