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Cancer drug may cause women to grow new eggs

Study suggests our understanding of the biological clock may be wrong

6 December 2016Research

Gene battles behind the turbulent nature of menopause

Paternal VS maternal conflict may explain difficult transition

9 December 2013Research

Mobile phone app helps to predict success of IVF

Application will allow women to make informed decisions.

28 December 2011Research

It’s written all over their face

Why a feminine face signals desire for lots of children.

26 October 2011Research

Predicting chances of pregnancy could become more accurate

New study reveals average hormone levels.

8 August 2011University news

The birth of the biological clock

Scientists work out ovarian reserve from conception to menopause

26 January 2010Research

Understanding population change

New UK-wide centre launched today.

6 October 2009Research

How female chimps call off the competition

New research suggests that females use copulation calls strategically to prevent competition.

17 June 2008Research

The depths of attraction

CAPTION: Would women prefer Barry White (left) or James Blunt?

23 February 2006Research

The biology of beauty

CAPTION: Composite faces of the 10 women with highest (left) and 10 with lowest (right) levels of oestrogen. CREDIT:

2 November 2005Research