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Living fossil challenges thinking on brain evolution

Ancient sea creature discovered to have complex brain

31 May 2017Research

Fish pool their experience to solve problems collectively

Implications for business and bio-inspired swarm robotics

18 April 2017University news

Fishy solution wins award for University spin-out

Genetic technique makes farming more profitable

21 March 2016Awards

Secret of the great white shark revealed

Warm-bodied fish are quicker in the water

21 April 2015University news

Key to survival for world’s most bizarre fish

What may be the last habitat of one of the world’s most bizarre fish has been highlighted by a researcher at the University of St Andrews.

10 April 2015Research

Fish tags create dinner bell effect

Research find seals ‘eavesdrop’ on scientific fish tags for dinner

19 November 2014Research

Fish are friends

Research shows that stickleback fish recognise familiar fish

9 July 2014Research

Invasion of the monogamous fish

Research shows that restricting guppies to one partner does not impede colonisation ability.

27 June 2014Research

Scientists discover noise pollution effects on shellfish

New study suggests man-made noise in the oceans may have significant damaging effects on shellfish populations

3 October 2013Research

Those pesky kids

Centuries-old tradition offers “sustenance and comfort” to undergraduates who take part in a long forgotten Easter custom

31 March 2013University news