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Step change in Scottish inshore fisheries management

St Andrews-based team secure major research funding

13 December 2016Business

Whaling: Poles apart

New exhibition sheds light on changing attitudes to whaling

26 March 2015Research

What lies beneath?

Study calls for more global surveys on populations of vulnerable marine mammals.

13 September 2012Research

Fishing should be halved to save protected species find St Andrews researchers

Biologists say prey species such as herring too low in wild.

2 April 2012Research

St Andrews experts join fishing inquiry


26 May 2003Research

Device to cut dolphin deaths

Scots marine biologists are joining forces with fishermen to develop a new device that will help prevent dolphins becoming caught in trawl nets.

27 February 2002Research

Porpoise study

Marine experts and mathematicians are teaming up to examine the impact of by-catch on the population of the UK's most common marine mammal.

20 January 2000Research