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The stunt that stunted space exploration

Fifty years after Yuri Gagarin's famous mission, Professor Gerard DeGroot questions the value of his flight for space strategy.

12 April 2011Research

Do you really remember the sixties?

St Andrews' historian revisits the sixties with a less nostalgic outlook.

4 May 2008Research

Women as peacekeepers

The inclusion of women in the peacekeeping process is more likely to gain positive results, according to a St Andrews academic.

26 March 2008Research

One giant waste of time?

Research into the darker side of space exploration, which views the 1969 moon landing as '$35 billion ego trip', has been published by a historian at the University of St Andrews.

22 February 2007Research

Historian plays active role in new U.N initiative

Dr Gerard DeGroot of the University of St Andrews is actively participating in a new United Nations initiative designed to improve the effectiveness of peacekeeping and peace support operations around the world.

13 February 2001University news