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Apes can understand how others see the world

"Uniquely" human trait present in all apes

10 October 2016Research

Tropical crow species is highly skilled tool user

Hawaiian crow joins illustrious club of animal master tool users

14 September 2016Research

Tool-bending birds prompt ‘clever crow’ rethink

Surprising discovery sheds new light on Betty-the-crow’s iconic wire-bending feat

10 August 2016Research

Blinded by beauty

Good looks make it impossible for teachers to rate academic performance

19 February 2016Research

“Goth” parrots join exclusive tool-using elite

New evidence discovered of skills in parrots

16 December 2015Research

When crows connect

Scientists explore how tool-use skills might spread among New Caledonian crows

4 November 2015Research

Elephants making a point

How elephants understand humans best

10 October 2013Research

Canny crows know their tools

Research finds that crows are more fussy about their tools than previously thought

7 October 2013Research

Picking up mistakes

How playing an instrument can sharpen the mind

27 September 2013Research

Sporting ability could be a matter of brain over brawn

A new research project aims to discover whether visual processing is key to success.

17 September 2012Sport