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With a little help from my friends

Family and friends reduce stress in wild chimpanzees

2 November 2016Research

Have you had your clay this morning?

Chimpanzees may ‘detox’ tannins in their diet by eating clay

29 July 2015Research

Why chimps go ape

Lethal aggression is NOT a result of human interference, say researchers

19 September 2014Research

We Are Family

Social bonds are crucial for adoption in wild chimpanzees

5 August 2014Research

Trio awarded Fellowship by RSE

St Andrews figures recognised for their excellence.

21 March 2011University news

Monkeys, minds and man

Exploring the Origins of Intelligence.

11 March 2009Research

Talking to the animals

Unique animal communication conference gathers in St Andrews.

1 August 2008Research

How female chimps call off the competition

New research suggests that females use copulation calls strategically to prevent competition.

17 June 2008Research

Meaningful monkey calls

New study may provide fresh insights into the evolution of human language.

10 March 2008Research

Under attack

Chimpanzees exaggerate their screams when under attack, according to St Andrews researchers.

15 October 2007Research