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Prestigious award for decoding the “lost” writing of the Incas

University of St Andrews anthropologist receives accolade.

11 April 2018Awards

Lost writing of the Incas discovered

St Andrews anthropologist finds first phonetic Inka writing

20 April 2017Research

Twitter: it’s good to talk

Social media websites can help people without speech communicate more naturally.

29 September 2011University news

£4M Euro grant for new studies on mental evolution

How did humans evolve?  Why did we evolve in the way that we did?

7 November 2008Research

Forgetting facts

Researchers investigate the way in which we forget information.

24 September 2008Research

Monkeys unable to master complex grammar

CAPTION: A cotton-top tamarin

20 January 2004Research

‘Shakespeare the barbarian’

An academic from the University of St Andrews will explore today why the English language of the mid 16th century was considered to be inadequate and barbaric, even by the English themselves.

3 December 2003Research