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Rare 16th century manuscript ‘comes home’ to St Andrews

University acquires ‘Scotland’s first great law book’ owned by Alexander Hume

26 July 2016Research

The role of the rule of law in the modern world

Baroness Hale reveals how devolution has helped to promote the rule of law as the organising principal of the UK’s unwritten constitution

2 October 2015University news

Making crime pay

CAPTION: Donald Findlay Q.C. CREDIT: University of St Andrews Archives

8 October 2003University news

New head appointed to university court

A new Senior Governor has been appointed to the University of St Andrews Court.

28 July 2002University news

Leading philosopher to give lecture on equality

One of the world's most distinguished legal and political philosophers is to give a public lecture at the University of St Andrews.

25 April 2000University news