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Young gas giants fly close to their suns

Study on baby stars reveals new insight

8 September 2015Research

Graduation address – Professor Moira Jardine

Graduation Address for Wednesday 20 June, 2pm.

20 June 2012University news

Cool Stars over St Andrews

One of the world's largest astronomy meetings will come to the UK for the first time next week.

16 July 2008Research

First glimpse of star flip

An international team of astrophysicists has, for the first time, discovered a star other than the Sun flipping its north and south magnetic poles.

26 February 2008Research

Spinning slowly in the web

Astronomers trace magnetic web binding baby stars to their surrounding gas and dust.

26 September 2007Research

Complex magnetic footprints on an infant star

Scottish and French astronomers have found a star with a fossilised magnetic field, left over from the time when the star formed.

5 June 2006Research