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tail walking dolphin

Dolphins learn from each other

A new study, by Whale and Dolphin Conservation and the universities of St Andrews and Exeter, reveals dolphins learn tricks from each other.


New debate on Stanford Experiment

Professor Steve Reicher is one of the world’s leading social psychologists who have called for an open and respectful debate over the SPE.


Professor wins major award

Steve Reicher, Wardlaw Professor in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, has been awarded the 2018 Harold Lasswell Award.


Can kids plan for the future?

A benchmark test to determine whether young children are capable of planning for the future may be flawed, according to new research.

Working in a group

No pain, no gain

A team of researchers from the School of Biology has generated new insights into how human groups work to solve far-reaching problems together.

The first kiss

CAPTION: Two chimpanzees kiss and make up. CREDIT: Professor Frans de Waal.