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Chimpanzees help trace the evolution of human speech

One of the most promising theories for the evolution of human speech has finally received support from chimpanzee communication research.

27 May 2020Research

The psychology of pandemics

Professor Stephen Reicher discusses the psychologies driving public policy during the coronavirus.

20 April 2020Covid-19

Coronavirus and relationships

Avoid breaking point: coronavirus lockdown means developing a ‘new normal’ for relationships, according to Dr Kate Cross.

3 April 2020Covid-19

The truth about panic

Professor Stephen Reicher from the School of Psychology & Neuroscience writes about panic and human behaviour in a crisis.

31 March 2020Covid-19

Bossing it

New international research led by St Andrews reveals that facial expression and head angle are key to making a person look bossy.

3 March 2020Research

I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine: how rats help each other out

Rats are happy to help each other out, but only if another rat helps them out first, according to new research from St Andrews and Bern.

15 January 2020Research