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Female animals portrayed as “femmes fatales” by researchers

Cultural stereotypes may influence the way scientists describe sexual behaviours

28 February 2013Research

Primate scream

Bonobos make most noise when mating with high ranking partners.

3 March 2011Research

Familiarity breeds attraction

'Visual' diet affects attraction to opposite sex.

28 August 2009Research

Understanding the diversity of human mating behaviour

St Andrews' scientists examine variation in human sex roles  

24 April 2009Research

The future of sex and gender studies

St Andrews' academics discuss hot topics in sex and gender studies at an international conference.

2 December 2008Research

How female chimps call off the competition

New research suggests that females use copulation calls strategically to prevent competition.

17 June 2008Research

Why the dating game is taken at face value

New research gives deeper insight into mate attractiveness.

9 April 2008Research