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Significant step made towards understanding Rift Valley Fever virus

First insight into the architecture of viral filaments

21 September 2017Research

New treatment could ‘protect against any strain of the flu’

St Andrews team lead novel development.

14 April 2014Research

St Andrews leads £5.6m project to find new vaccine for foot and mouth disease

Study will examine how virus grows in order to make new vaccines and improve diagnosis.

19 November 2012Research

Sea urchins could contain the genetic key to curing some diseases

Creatures including sea urchins and sponges discovered to have special genetic code.

6 July 2012Research

X-ray research paves the way for Lassa Fever vaccine

St Andrews scientists reveal structure of Lassa virus

18 November 2010Research

Using virus proteins to fight disease

Funding for virus and biotechnology research.

19 January 2010Research

Viruses and vaccines

Academics have received a major funding boost to assist in their studies of viruses, immunity, vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

14 April 2009Research

St Andrews to host major virology conference

The threat of avian flu and new developments in the search for an effective vaccine will be on the agenda for a major conference in St Andrews next week.

1 June 2007Research

Viruses may help cure cancers

Medical scientists from all over the World have gathered at the University of St Andrews to discuss exciting strategies for producing viruses which can target tumour cells.

3 February 2006Research

Humans, dogs and chickens to benefit from £1m study

St Andrews scientists have been awarded over £1 million to study viruses that cause mumps and croup in humans, kennel cough in dogs and the fatal Newcastle disease in chickens.

9 March 2005Research