Viruses may help cure cancers

Friday 3 February 2006

Medical scientists from all over the World have gathered at the University of St Andrews to discuss exciting strategies for producing viruses which can target tumour cells.

The University’s Bute Medical School is currently host to the 3rd International Cancer Colloquium. Medical scientists from the USA, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland and the UK are in St Andrews to discuss “Oncolytic Adenoviruses”.

Dean of Medicine, Professor Hugh MacDougall said, “We have known for some time that viruses can cause cancers but new therapies modifying adenoviruses which can target and kill cancer cells give cause for optimism. Laboratory and early clinical studies are encouraging.

“This high level colloquium has allowed medical scientists to meet and exchange ideas in this fast moving research field to which the University of St Andrews is making a significant contribution”.

The Colloquium was organised by Richard Iggo, the recently appointed Professor of Molecular Medicine at St Andrews.


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