Chemistry: the vital element

Thursday 29 May 2003

Two hundred Chemistry teachers from every corner of Scotland will descend on the University of St Andrews today (Friday 30th May 2003) to learn about the latest developments in the world of chemistry and how they can take them back to their classrooms.

The Seventh National Scottish Meeting for Teachers of Chemistry will cover a mix of curriculum related material and talks on research at the cutting edge of chemistry by the UK’s leading experts.

“Chemistry: The Vital Element” will include talks on ‘Thunder and Lightning’ and ‘Death, Drugs and Dynamite’.

The full session is as follows: ‘Green Chemistry’, Dr. Colin Osborne (The Royal Society of Chemistry); ‘Thunder and Lightning’, Colin Baker (Bedford School); ‘Death, Drugs and Dynamite’, Dr Allan Jamieson (Forensic Institute); ‘Biotechnology – Far too good for Biologists’, Dr. Bill Beveridge (Dollar Academy); and ‘Elements of Surprise’, Dr. John Emsley (Science Writer).

The event is organised by the University’s School of Chemistry’s Dr Nigel Botting (who will also Chair the afternoon session) and Dr Wilson Flood, Education Consultant, and supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.


NOTE TO EDITORS – The event begins at 10.15am and runs until 3.45pm at the Purdie Building, School of Chemistry, North Haugh, St Andrews.

If you are interested in attending any of the individual sessions, please contact Gayle Cook (a full programme is available) – contact details below.

Abstracts are also available – contact Gayle Cook.

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