Vulnerable Earth

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Vulnerable Earth

Ever wondered what you should do in case of an impending meteor collision? Or why almost 30 urban civilisations before our own all eventually crashed? Or how we can best organise ourselves to deal with natural disasters?

Sir Crispin Tickell will answer these questions and more in his lecture – ‘Vulnerable Earth, hits from space and other disasters’ on Thursday at 6pm, Medical & Biological Sciences Lecture Theatre, North Haugh, St Andrews. The lecture is part of the University of St Andrews’ 600th Anniversary lecture series and is free and open to all.

Sir Crispin, a former diplomat, environmentalist, and academic, will explore the precarious nature of life on earth from social, ecological and astronomical perspectives. His lecture will put the threats of human swarming, global warming, as well as meteor hits and blast waves, tsunamis, and electromagnetic shocks into historical perspective.

Sir Crispin will shine a light on the astonishing interconnectedness of species, eco-systems and even galaxies before going on to explain how we can develop the resilience to cope with the potential disasters that surround us.

This lecture will change the way you think about energy sources, land management, international relations, and even your place in the universe.

As Sir Crispin said, speaking ahead of his lecture:

“We have to learn to think differently before it is forced upon us.”

The lecture is part of the St Andrews Prize for the Environment programme, chaired by Sir Crispin. Now in its fifteenth year the primary objective of the prestigious prize is to find innovative solutions to environmental challenges. The distinguished panel of environmentalists, scientists and industrialists, led by Sir Crispin, will announce the 2013 prize winners at an award ceremony on Friday (3 May 2013).

Vulnerable Earth

Notes to News Editors

The Prize is a joint environmental initiative by the University of St Andrews in Scotland and exploration and production company ConocoPhillips, which aims to find practical solutions to environmental challenges from around the globe.

For background on the three projects shortlisted for the St Andrews Prize for the Environment go to:,217110,en.php

Find out all you need to know about the Prize at

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