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New Zealand war veteran study collaboration

A New Zealand-based chromosome researcher studying the long-term genetic effects of British nuclear testing on New Zealand war veterans, is spending the week (beginning Monday 10th September, 2001)in St Andrews collaborating with a fellow chromosomal specialist.

‘Super plastics’ at science festival

A University of St Andrews scientist explained how new materials could develop roll-up tv screens and make the internet faster at one of the UK's biggest science festivals today (Wednesday 5th September, 2001) in Glasgow.

The Cairngorms: contested mountains

The first ever historical study into one of Scotland's most bitter landuse and environmental conflicts has been produced by a University of St Andrews historian.

Scots scientist’s superbug funding

A Scottish Biomolecular Scientist has been granted a triumverate of awards which will enable him to continue his work in tackling 'superbugs' such as Salmonella and E-coli.

Unlocking the history of Scapa flow

A seven-day survey to investigate the final resting place of the seven German warship wrecks at Scapa Flow, Orkney, began this week (beginning Tuesday 12th June, 2001).