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Tool-bending birds prompt ‘clever crow’ rethink

Surprising discovery sheds new light on Betty-the-crow’s iconic wire-bending feat

10 August 2016Research

Apes remember their old friends’ voices

Bonobos can recall past group members even after years apart 

29 March 2016Research

Birds learn about nest building from watching others they know

They ignore the advice of strangers

23 March 2016Research

“Goth” parrots join exclusive tool-using elite

New evidence discovered of skills in parrots

16 December 2015Research

Baby whales learn vital traditions from mothers

Endangered whales pass on migrations tips

9 November 2015Research

When crows connect

Scientists explore how tool-use skills might spread among New Caledonian crows

4 November 2015Research

Have you had your clay this morning?

Chimpanzees may ‘detox’ tannins in their diet by eating clay

29 July 2015Research

Weaverbirds sign their valentines

St Andrews scientists have used computer-aided texture analysis to reveal signature patterns in nests designed to attract females

17 June 2015Research

‘Black box’ technology reveals the secret lives of sharks

Researchers at the University of St Andrews are using 'black box' technology to reveal the hunting secrets of sharks.

11 June 2015Research

Careful crows watch their tools

Researchers at the University of St Andrews have discovered that crows, like humans, store their tools when they don’t need them.

20 May 2015Research