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Dolphins learn from each other to walk on water

A new study, by Whale and Dolphin Conservation and the universities of St Andrews and Exeter, reveals dolphins learn tricks from each other.

29 August 2018Research

Rats help each other out just as humans do

Rats swapped food for grooming favours in new study.

5 February 2018Research

Killer whale can mimic human speech

“Wikie” can repeat the words “hello” and “bye bye”.

31 January 2018Research

Crows ‘hooked’ on fast food

New Caledonian crows extract prey faster with complex hooked tools.

22 January 2018Research

Crafty crows know what it takes to make a good tool

New study provides surprising insights into how crows manufacture their hooked foraging tools

7 December 2017Research

Song cultures of whales give rare insight into evolutionary learning

‘Animal culture’ reshapes ideas about evolution

25 July 2017Research

‘Animal culture’ reshapes ideas about evolution

Adaptation led by cultural change may shape genetic evolution

24 July 2017Research

Animal cognition expert honoured by the British Psychological Society

Lifetime Achievement Award for Professor Richard Byrne

24 July 2017Research

How “great” an ape are you?

Online test reveals if humans instinctively understand our closest relatives

20 July 2017Research

Dramatic differences spotted in chimp communities

Neighbours vary in hunting and rank

23 June 2017Research