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You’re paying, because I’m more attractive

Why it pays to look good.

22 March 2011Research

Santa Baby

The secrets to Santa's Sexiness.

18 December 2009Research

A golden glow improves your looks

Skin tones give clues to health.

16 November 2009Research

Weight matters

'Normal' sized girls are judged to be more attractive by young men.

28 October 2009Research

Teenage kicks

Perceptions about who and what is attractive change during our teenage years.

14 September 2009Research

Familiarity breeds attraction

'Visual' diet affects attraction to opposite sex.

28 August 2009Research

Like father, like son?

Macho men produce macho sons, according to research.

29 October 2008Research

Why the dating game is taken at face value

New research gives deeper insight into mate attractiveness.

9 April 2008Research

Macho men ‘bad choice’

Women see 'masculine' men as unsuitable long-term partners, according to new research from the Universities of St Andrews and Durham.

8 August 2007Research

The depths of attraction

CAPTION: Would women prefer Barry White (left) or James Blunt?

23 February 2006Research