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The biology of beauty

CAPTION: Composite faces of the 10 women with highest (left) and 10 with lowest (right) levels of oestrogen. CREDIT:

The smell of love

CAPTION: Males who preferred female pheremones also preferred feminised faces (image on the right is 25% feminised; image on the left is 25% masculinised). CREDIT: Perception Lab (

Amorous ostriches

The courtship behaviour of ostriches towards humans is to be explained at a series of public events aimed at promoting science.

Marrying your ‘parents’

Psychologists have found that humans select long-term partners who not only look like themselves, but look like their opposite sex parents.

The perfect man?

CAPTION: The computer-generated image of the 'perfect man'. CREDIT: A.C. Little and D. I. Perrett

Proof of “beer goggles” theory

Scots scientists have established scientific proof of the "beer goggles" effect, the theory that uglier people look more attractive after a few drinks.