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Mate-choice copying in humans – are all the taken men good?

New study casts doubt on theories about human partner-choice.

29 January 2018Research

Domestic violence turns women off masculine men

Violence within partnerships influences women’s future partner preferences

23 November 2017Research

Beauty and the beholder

Familiar faces breed attraction, according to new research

18 May 2017Research

When the going gets tough…

…men prefer heavier women, according to new research

16 November 2016Research

Why girls who mature early go for masculine men

Women who undergo early puberty prefer masculine men and are likely to want children earlier, according to new research.

14 April 2016Research

Want to appear more intelligent? Get more sleep

New research sheds light on perceived intelligence

7 March 2016Research

Casting the net

Internet access influences who you find attractive, say researchers

10 July 2014Research

In the pink

Why women find men with rosy cheeks attractive.

8 October 2012Research

You look good enough to eat

How ‘5 a day’ can improve appearance in just 6 weeks.

7 March 2012Public interest stories

Being attractive produces more grandchildren

Mothers who have attractive partners produce daughters who have more babies, finds new research.

21 July 2011Research