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Viruses may help cure cancers

Medical scientists from all over the World have gathered at the University of St Andrews to discuss exciting strategies for producing viruses which can target tumour cells.

£800k cancer research funding

A University of St Andrews scientist has been awarded £800,000 to help stimulate the human body's natural defences against cancer.

New fertility hopes for former cancer patients

UK doctors have developed a way of predicting how long a woman who has been treated with radiation therapy will be fertile, ending uncertainty about the chances of motherhood for many childhood cancer patients.

Collaboration on cancer

A unique international conference on cancer which will bring together physicists, cancer researchers and clinical oncologists will take place in St Andrews this week (2nd-4th February 2005).

The dangers of counterfeit cigarettes

A scientist at the University of St Andrews has discovered high levels of a cancer-causing toxic metal in counterfeit cigarettes, widely available in the UK.

US cash injection for cancer scientists

St Andrews scientists exploring the role of phyto-oestrogens in cancer prevention and treatment have attracted the attention of an American company which specialises in the nutritional treatment of cancer.