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Apes remember their old friends’ voices

Bonobos can recall past group members even after years apart 

29 March 2016Research

Night at the University offers insight into research

Activities for all from stand-up to experiments  

16 September 2015Local community

Have you had your clay this morning?

Chimpanzees may ‘detox’ tannins in their diet by eating clay

29 July 2015Research

Protecting chimpanzees wins St Andrews Prize

Protecting Chimpanzees wins $100,000 St Andrews Prize for the Environment

23 April 2015Awards

Finalists announced for $100,000 St Andrews Prize

400 entries for environmental award

26 March 2015Awards

Caring and sharing is monkey business

New research reveals chimps and children learn kindness from others

19 January 2015Research

Right place, right time for chimpanzee study

St Andrews scientists in ‘extraordinarily rare’ real-time discovery

30 September 2014Research

Why chimps go ape

Lethal aggression is NOT a result of human interference, say researchers

19 September 2014Research

We Are Family

Social bonds are crucial for adoption in wild chimpanzees

5 August 2014Research

All in hand

Researchers work out what chimp gestures mean

4 July 2014Research