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Outstanding researcher honoured by leading national body

St Andrews scientist rewarded.

22 March 2013Awards

The secret of our success

Humans succeed best through helping each other, say researchers.

1 March 2012Research

Dr Jane Goodall gives reasons for hope

Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace delivers special lecture.

5 May 2011University news

Chimpanzee trend-setters

New study shows that chimps ‘ape’ the prestigious.

24 June 2010Research

Here’s one I made earlier: Chimps learn from watching videos

Researchers find that chimpanzees are capable of social learning.

30 June 2009Research

How female chimps call off the competition

New research suggests that females use copulation calls strategically to prevent competition.

17 June 2008Research

What makes us human?

Living Links to Human Evolution Centre established.

19 May 2008Research

Chimpanzees and children

Evidence that chimpanzees rely on role models more than children do has been published.

9 January 2008Research

Under attack

Chimpanzees exaggerate their screams when under attack, according to St Andrews researchers.

15 October 2007Research

Chimps learn ‘local customs’

Chimpanzee communities can acquire their own local customs and maintain their own 'multiple-tradition cultures', according to researchers at St Andrews.

7 June 2007Research