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World-leading primate complex opens

A new cutting-edge research facility for advancing scientific knowledge on chimpanzee cognition and behaviour has officially launched.

7 October 2019Research

The eyes have it

The ability to detect the direction of someone’s gaze is not unique to humans, as had been previously thought, according to new research.

2 September 2019Research

Chimps are users

Chimpanzees use others to get what they want, in a similar way to human beings, new research at St Andrews has found.

21 November 2018Research

Animal cognition expert honoured by the British Psychological Society

Lifetime Achievement Award for Professor Richard Byrne

24 July 2017Research

How “great” an ape are you?

Online test reveals if humans instinctively understand our closest relatives

20 July 2017Research

Dramatic differences spotted in chimp communities

Neighbours vary in hunting and rank

23 June 2017Research

Chimps’ cultural traditions extend beyond family

Social tradition in chimpanzees mimics human culture

20 June 2017Research

Chimps pass on knowledge to the next generation

Apes have ability thought to be unique to humans

1 June 2017Research

With a little help from my friends

Family and friends reduce stress in wild chimpanzees

2 November 2016Research

Apes can understand how others see the world

"Uniquely" human trait present in all apes

10 October 2016Research