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Baboon genomes shed new light on complex evolutionary history

Mapping baboon genomes could help unravel the evolutionary history of modern humans, new research has found.

31 January 2019Research

‘Animal culture’ reshapes ideas about evolution

Adaptation led by cultural change may shape genetic evolution

24 July 2017Research

New book reveals the fascinating life of whales

Insights into the sea mammals published by Natural History Museum

21 July 2017Research

Living fossil challenges thinking on brain evolution

Ancient sea creature discovered to have complex brain

31 May 2017Research

Nitrogen Revolution: study breathes new life into 2.3 billion year old ‘Great Oxidation Event’

Nitrogen captured in ancient rocks from South Africa provides fresh insights into the co-evolution of Earth and life

7 February 2017Research

International project to further our understanding of evolution

£5.7 million grant for evolutionary research

7 April 2016Research

New laboratory promises insights into evolution of Earth and life

New facilities position St Andrews at the forefront of isotope geochemistry.

4 March 2016Research

Unlocking one of the great secrets of Earth’s evolution

Settling a debate going back to Darwin

19 February 2016Research

Key to survival for world’s most bizarre fish

What may be the last habitat of one of the world’s most bizarre fish has been highlighted by a researcher at the University of St Andrews.

10 April 2015Research

Ghosts in the genomes

Ghosts in the genomes

29 October 2014Research