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Living fossil challenges thinking on brain evolution

Ancient sea creature discovered to have complex brain

31 May 2017Research

Digging up the past

Vase-shaped creatures found in Namibian desert may be our earliest ancestors.

8 February 2012Research

Human fossil dated in St Andrews

CAPTION: The fossil was found in a remote part of Ethiopia.

20 September 2006Research

From dino paws to fire and freeze

From dino paws to fossil jaws and the fire and freeze of Fife, Scotland's celebration of geology will arrive in St Andrews this weekend. For two consecutive weeks, the University of St Andrews will host two free local events to coincide with the Scottish Geology Festival (1st - 30th September).

14 September 2005Local community

Charcoal revealed true age of new man

CAPTION: Professor Michael Bird with a cast of the oldest (40,000 years) Homo sapiens skull known from southeast Asia.

1 November 2004Research

Scientists discover new human species

CAPTION: The skull of the new human species Homo floresiensis, revealed to the World today. CREDIT: Peter Brown, University of New England, Australia.

27 October 2004Public interest stories