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Teenage kicks

Perceptions about who and what is attractive change during our teenage years.

14 September 2009Research

Familiarity breeds attraction

'Visual' diet affects attraction to opposite sex.

28 August 2009Research

Understanding the diversity of human mating behaviour

St Andrews' scientists examine variation in human sex roles  

24 April 2009Research

Venomous women of the 19th century

Why the emancipation of women was linked to murderesses, witches and vampires.

19 February 2009Research

Women know bonnie babies best

St Andrews researchers may finally have found the reason why women are more likely to coo over babies than men.

20 January 2009Research

The future of sex and gender studies

St Andrews' academics discuss hot topics in sex and gender studies at an international conference.

2 December 2008Research

Why the dating game is taken at face value

New research gives deeper insight into mate attractiveness.

9 April 2008Research

‘Popular crucifixions’

An internationally renowned theologian will deliver a lecture on the subject of 'popular crucifixions' at the University of St Andrews today (Wednesday 21st March 2007).

21 March 2007Research

Translating transvestites

CAPTION: 'Unicorno' by Erminia Passannanti.

6 April 2005University news

Marrying your ‘parents’

Psychologists have found that humans select long-term partners who not only look like themselves, but look like their opposite sex parents.

8 January 2003Research