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Can a CEO’s cultural heritage affect corporate performance?

New study finds cultural heritage can influence corporate profitability and success

23 October 2017Business

Evolution of the evolutionary mind

Human mind is not a relic of the Stone Age.

20 July 2011Research

You’re paying, because I’m more attractive

Why it pays to look good.

22 March 2011Research

Phones know how you feel

New phone technology knows if you're sad or happy

29 September 2010Research

The art of copying

Scientists tell us that even copying mistakes can be good.

8 April 2010Research

Why do we behave the way we do?

Major human behaviour conference in St Andrews.

6 April 2009Research

Venomous women of the 19th century

Why the emancipation of women was linked to murderesses, witches and vampires.

19 February 2009Research

What are you looking at?

Scientists studying human tendency to follow another's gaze find link with distant cat-like relative.

30 January 2009Research

It’s enough to make you blush

An academic is to delve into a series of embarrassing situations in an attempt to discover who makes us blush.

7 August 2008Research

What makes us human?

Living Links to Human Evolution Centre established.

19 May 2008Research