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Domestic violence turns women off masculine men

Violence within partnerships influences women’s future partner preferences

23 November 2017Research

Aggressor or protector?

Whether women view men as aggressors or protectors predicts their masculinity preferences

28 March 2017Research

Why girls who mature early go for masculine men

Women who undergo early puberty prefer masculine men and are likely to want children earlier, according to new research.

14 April 2016Research

Size matters

Research shows taller, heavier men are perceived as more masculine 

27 November 2014Research

In the pink

Why women find men with rosy cheeks attractive.

8 October 2012Research

How rivalries bring out the good side in tough guys

Men who look aggressive and untrustworthy might actually be good guys.

28 May 2012Research

Teenage kicks

Perceptions about who and what is attractive change during our teenage years.

14 September 2009Research

Outreach project looks at how brain works

Scientists in Psychology demonstrate biases in the way in which people perceive faces as part of a Brain Day for Secondary School Students.

18 March 2009Local community

Like father, like son?

Macho men produce macho sons, according to research.

29 October 2008Research

Macho men ‘bad choice’

Women see 'masculine' men as unsuitable long-term partners, according to new research from the Universities of St Andrews and Durham.

8 August 2007Research