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To infinity and beyond

NASA astronaut and space scientist inspire pupils at University of St Andrews Space School

9 June 2016Local community

NASA astronaut heading to Fife

Experiences of extraordinary shuttle pilot will be shared at lecture on Monday 21 September

16 September 2015Local community

NASA’s chief scientist to speak at St Andrews

Curiosity's mission of exploration at Gale Crater, Mars

26 September 2014Public interest stories

The search for Alien life: have we been doing it wrong?

Major discovery could help with search for Alien life

12 September 2014Research

Astronaut finds signs of intelligent life in Fife

NASA engineer shows the way from Buckhaven High School, and beyond!

10 June 2014Local community

Entire galaxies feel the heat from new-born stars, finds new research

Bursts of star-birth can curtail future galaxy growth.

26 April 2013Research

The truth is out there

‘Opinion survey’ of planets suggests many more to come

11 January 2012Research

The Saltire has flown higher than ever

NASA presents the University of St Andrews with a commemorative collage containing a Saltire flag flown aboard the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery.

8 July 2011University news

The search for alien intelligence

Dr Jill Tarter gives public lecture on the Global Community Search for Evidence of Extra-terrestrial Technology.

17 May 2011Research

Scottish astronomers join hunt for new Earth-like planets

New instrument to confirm Kepler findings.

14 February 2011Research