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Study of galaxy reveals ‘football-shaped’ bulge

Scientists at the University of St Andrews have carried out a new study of one of the oldest parts of the Galaxy. The collaboration between astronomers at St Andrews and UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) is the largest survey to date of the speed of stars within the 'Galactic bulge'.

Conference celebrates award winning space mission

A group of maths experts from the University of St Andrews is hosting a major international conference to discuss the achievements of an award winning space mission which is helping to further mankind's understanding of the Sun.

100 years of studying the earth

CAPTION: Members of the East Fife Teachers Field Club in 1908, on an outing to Kinkell Ness. They include geologist Thomas Jehu (second from the left) and his colleague Robert Craig (fourth from the left). Copyright: The University of St Andrews Library

Here comes the sun!

CAPTION: 'The Sun, the Earth's auroral belt and aurora.' Courtesy of the SOHO consortium. Soho is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.