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Scientists make leap in simulating quantum particles

New quantum theory research, led by the School of Physics, could transform the way scientists predict how quantum particles behave.

20 August 2018Research

Coupled with light – two particles are better than one

Researchers have found a way to trap two miniscule spinning particles, offering fascinating insights into the world around us.

25 July 2018Research

‘Scrambled light’ wavemeter breakthrough

Measures changes one million times smaller than an atom

5 June 2017Research

Superabsorbing ring could make light work of snaps

The ultimate camera pixel has been brought a step closer by a scientific study published today (Friday August 22, 2014).

22 August 2014Research

Nobel Prize winner to deliver public lecture

Nobel Laureate Professor Tony Leggett to talk on quantum liquids next week.

24 April 2008University news