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Inscription from Staffordshire Hoard provides insight on Anglo-Saxon Christianity

New St Andrews University journal publishes new research into mediaeval treasure find.

15 December 2011Research

The point of religion

Religious scholar Karen Armstrong to deliver public lecture.

16 November 2011University news

Is there more to life than genes?

Scientist leads tenth debate in the James Gregory lecture series.

20 October 2010University news

Exploring the impact of the Scottish Reformation

Launch of exhibition to mark the 450th anniversary of the Reformation.

21 September 2010University news

St Andrews appoints N.T. Wright to chair in Divinity

The University of St Andrews has appointed the Right Reverend Dr Nicholas Thomas Wright, presently the Bishop of Durham, to be Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity.

26 April 2010University news

All in the mind?

Leading neuroscientist examines key questions at St Andrews lecture.

26 April 2010University news

Renowned philosopher in St Andrews

Roger Scruton delivers 120 year old lecture series.

25 April 2010University news

God and the big bang

Astrophysicist turned minister to visit St Andrews to deliver key lecture.

15 February 2010University news

God, Science and the new Atheism

Leading cleric, philosopher and theologian to deliver public lecture.

28 October 2009University news

Reversèd Thunder

University to host international conference on the Psalms.

28 August 2009Research