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National recognition for laser expert

A University of St Andrews physicist who is making groundbreaking developments in the world of laser technology has been awarded a prestigious medal by The Royal Society.

Scholarships for psychology students

The understanding of everything from Parkinson's disease to communication between monkeys will be improved as the University of St Andrews provides scholarships to four new psychology students.

Bursary awards

Nearly fifty students from Orkney to Wales and from Clackmannan to Northern Ireland are among those receiving bursaries from the University of St Andrews tomorrow (Wednesday 27 September 2000).

The St Andrews prize

The University of St Andrews is looking for new and inspiring ideas to help the environment.

Honorary degrees

TV funnyman Rikki Fulton, author JK Rowling and actress Siobhan Redmond are among those being awarded honorary degrees by the University of St Andrews next week.

Countdown to golfers’ honorary degree ceremony

With just over a month until Seve Ballesteros and Colin Montgomerie receive honorary degrees from the University of St Andrews, golf fanatics are being urged to snap up tickets while they can.

Prestigious award for battery expert

A University of St Andrews scientist, who is developing new materials for smaller, lighter and less toxic batteries, has won a prestigious award for his achievements.