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New study changes the way we understand the psychology of obedience

An international collaboration involving the University of St Andrews challenges the traditional understanding of why people obey orders.

4 January 2019Research

Radar sensing: transforming the way we interact with computers

Research from St Andrews could transform HCI - the way humans interact with computers, smart watches and other devices.

4 January 2019Research

New research could revolutionise the future of electronic devices

University leads innovative electronic states in solids research

27 November 2017Research

Plugging St Andrews in

New exhibition marks 50th anniversary of the first computer in St Andrews

30 September 2015University news

EU open source software project gets the green light

A new generation of software for mathematics research has received over 7 million euros in EU funding

1 July 2015Research

Tackling the fastest and most powerful computing systems on the planet

A world-leading team of academic researchers and industrial experts from across Europe are celebrating the conclusion of a four year research collaboration tackling the challenges posed by the fastest and most powerful computing systems on the planet.

28 April 2015Research

Are you looking at me?

Computer screens that know when you’re not paying attention

18 March 2013Research

Scottish IT whizz kids set to go global

Best Computer Science brains in Scotland to help IT businesses under new knowledge exchange scheme launched by Scottish universities

9 January 2013Business

Scottish universities secure €1.25 million funding for computing research

Researchers at the University of St Andrews and Robert Gordon University have been awarded €1.25 million.

30 September 2011Research


Student develops his own social networking software.

23 June 2010Student experience