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Geoscientists investigate art rock movement

A St Andrews researcher is investigating the ancient Spanish rocks said to inspire surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

12 July 2007Research

The buried secrets of earth’s past

Dr Ian Alsop studying rock folds in Oman.

12 February 2007Research

Snowball earth proof in Scottish-irish rocks

Researchers have discovered evidence for an ancient glaciation in old Caledonian rocks - a previously undiscovered finding which indicates that the planet froze over during the 'Snowball Earth' period nearly 700 million years ago.

27 November 2006Research

St Andrews geoscientist at top rock awards

CAPTION - Dr Alsop examining deformed marble near Carrara, northern Italy.

11 May 2005Awards

How did the earth move?

CAPTION: "Rocks forming the Scottish mainland may have moved hundreds of km towards the ancient crust of the Outer Hebrides to create a huge range of Caledonian Mountains 420 million years ago"

8 June 2003Research

World experts study ancient Scottish rocks

PIC CAPTION: Sheared rocks from Arctic Greenland which had originally been buried ~30 km below the Earth's surface more than 1 billion years ago. CREDIT: Dr Ian Alsop, University of St Andrews

1 September 2002Research