Summer in St Andrews is usually the time when graduating students and their families converge en masse to celebrate, graduate and reflect one last time on life in ‘the bubble’.

The Doorstep Saints

This year, for the first time ever due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, students were not able to graduate together in person and in one place; instead, degrees were conferred virtually, with the Class of 2020 being given the opportunity to return to St Andrews in 2021 to graduate.

Virtual graduands for the day, the subjects were captured, from a safe distance, on their doorsteps, with their partners, flatmates and families.

News release

Becky Ballantyne

“I never take anything for granted anymore and will form my own opinion rather than take that of others.”

Morgan Brooke-Johnson

“I think the pandemic has taught us to be more resilient and resourceful, but also to slow down and reflect on what is important.”

Gemma Crowe

“Looking forward I hope that all us graduates can help in some way to shape a better future. ”

Abbie Donaldson

“Get involved with as much as you can, your time in St Andrews will fly by so quickly you don’t want to regret not trying anything!”

Alice Evans

“I have found the education here to always encourage and support diversity in all its forms.”

Sarah Lamorte

“It’s the people you meet along the way that make St Andrews so special.”

Alexandra McNicol

“Look after yourself, ask for support if you need it, and get involved with societies that reflect your interests.”

Zoë Nengite

“St Andrews is a place where you are free to be yourself and really discover things you’re passionate about outside of studies.”

With thanks

With thanks to all of our Doorstep Saints of 2020, their families, friends, partners and pets who took part. Special thanks to Ede & Ravenscroft for the complimentary supply of official Graduation gowns, to the Graduation office, Joanna Fry (Lifelong & Flexible Learning) and to our outgoing Chancellor’s Piper Sarah Lamorte for making a special appearance in St Andrews.

All photography by Gayle McIntyre except portraits of Alexandra McNicol (by Caroline Weiss) and Zoë Nengite (by Toby Lowenstein).

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With thanks to Becky and Alice for being Doorstep Saints and to Jo Fry for her assistance.

Doorstep photography by Gayle McIntyre.