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New light technique could help diagnose illness

3D imaging can offer insight to biological tissue.

10 April 2018Research

New study reveals light-bending celestial phenomenon

First time this effect has been observed beyond the solar system

7 June 2017Research

Running away from Einstein

Galaxies flying away faster than current theory allows

15 March 2017Research

Smartphone lights can activate live cells

Smartphone lights can activate live cells genetically programmed to respond to light, University of St Andrews scientists have discovered.

9 May 2016Research

New fibre-optic technology could heal wounds faster

New fibre-optic technology developed by St Andrews and Harvard Medical School could speed up the healing process of damaged tissue.

28 January 2016Research

Slow light speeds up the microscopic world

Major applications for medical diagnostics

17 September 2015Research

Superabsorbing ring could make light work of snaps

The ultimate camera pixel has been brought a step closer by a scientific study published today (Friday August 22, 2014).

22 August 2014Research

Star light star bright

Open night at University offers chance to see centuries old stars

28 November 2013Research

Star Trek’s “tractor” beam created in miniature by researchers

Scientists have created a version of the “beam” which can attract particles.

25 January 2013Public interest stories

Resolution revolution

New laser technology brings perfect focus to medical advances.

14 May 2010Research