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Mate-choice copying in humans – are all the taken men good?

New study casts doubt on theories about human partner-choice.

29 January 2018Research

Cancer drug may cause women to grow new eggs

Study suggests our understanding of the biological clock may be wrong

6 December 2016Research

Tiny jewels provide vital clue to avoiding extinction

Female wasps live longer by mating with multiple males

31 March 2015Research

Invasion of the monogamous fish

Research shows that restricting guppies to one partner does not impede colonisation ability.

27 June 2014Research

Size matters

How giant dinosaurs ended up with tiny eggs.

12 June 2014Research

It’s written all over their face

Why a feminine face signals desire for lots of children.

26 October 2011Research

What gets turned on when a female gets “turned on”?

Hearing sexy songs boosts immune function genes.

4 October 2011Research

Single wild female

Think twice before setting free unwanted pet fish, say scientists.

21 September 2011Research

Being attractive produces more grandchildren

Mothers who have attractive partners produce daughters who have more babies, finds new research.

21 July 2011Research

Your plaice or mine?

Male fish refuse to ask for directions.

8 September 2010Research